Автор-составитель: В.Ю. Андреева

Примерные диалоги.


P: Hello, may I speak to the school secretary, please?

T: Speaking. Anne Rostron, Winchester School of English. Can I help you?

P: Yes, please. This is ..., a student from Moscow. I'd like some information about your summer courses, please.

T: Fine, what would you like to know?

P: Well, first how long are the courses?

T: In the summer, we offer four-week courses.

P: Yes, where exactly is your school?

T: Well, we're only two minutes away from the beach. Our town is in the centre of the South of England. We have direct public transport from London and airports. It's very easy to visit Stonehenge, Oxford and Bath from here.

P: That sounds good. Mm, how much do the courses cost?

T: They cost from £850, depending on what type of accommodation you choose.

P: Just one more thing. May I get your advice on how best to apply for the courses?

T: Certainly. Just give me your name and address. We'll send you a brochure and application form.

P: My name is ... (spells it) and my address is ... .

T: Thanks. You have to fill in the application form and send it with the deposit of £150.

P: Thank you for the information.



P: What do you do?

T: Nothing special.

P: Let's go to the pictures.

T: That would be wonderful! What shall we see?

P: I think the best thing is to go and see "The Fate of a Man".

T: I've heard about this film. It's based on Mikhail Sholokhov's story of the same name.

P: Yes, Sergei Bondarchuk is the film director, and he also plays the main role. It's a marvelous film about the deeds of the Soviet people during

T: I'd love to see it. What do you think, where shall we buy tickets?

P: I think we'll get them there.

T: Then, I guess we might as well.



P: Thanks, I'd love to. How about visiting Red Square and the Kremlin? I can book tickets to the Diamond Exhibition.

T: That would be lovely. But is it far from Red Square?

P: The Diamond Exhibition is housed in the Armoury building inside the Kremlin.

T: Oh, I see.

P: You can invite Laura to go with us. She'll enjoy seeing the collection of diamonds, especially the Imperial Crown with its red spinel and thousands of diamonds.

T: That's a great idea. She's nuts about jewels.

P: What time shall I pick you up? Does Saturday morning suit you? Is 9 o'clock OK?

T: Yes, 9 o'clock on Saturday.

P: See you then.





P: I should write the article about the protection of environment for our school magazine. Could you help me in the matter?

T: Willingly. I'll do all my best.

P: So. What problems should I put sharply in the press?

T: Today our environment is in serious danger. Air and water pollution are the problems that threaten human life on Earth.

P: To my mind I must add some decisions about how to solve these problems.

T: Quite right. It's not too late to solve them. We have the time, the money and even the technology to make our planet better and safer.

P: What do you think about the article's title "Let's save our planet"?

T: I completely agree with it. It's a good title.

P: When should I take my article to print?

T: In 3 days

P: Thanks a lot.



P: Come in, please. This is our English classroom.

T: It's very nice. Can I ask you some questions?

P: Yes, please. Would you like to take a seat here?

T: Thank you. Did your school take part in the competition?

P: That's right. As you know, there is a program of the Russian government called the National Priority Projects. One of the projects focuses on education...

T: I see. There are competitions held within the National Project 'Education'.

P: Yes. Our school took part in the competition as an innovative school in our district and won 1 million rubles.

T: My congratulations! What will the prize be used for?

P: Thank you. The money will go to repair work of the school building. Then we have plans to buy more computers and an Interwrite Board.



P: Hello! I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you

T: I'm Ok. Thanks. I've just returned from journey.

P: Oh, great! Where have you been?

T: I've visited the capital of the UK - London.

P: Did you like it?

T: Sure! It's one of the largest ports in the UK. Besides, London is a great educational and

cultural center.

P: What did you see there? What did you impress most of all?

T: I was impressed by (with) its magnificent sightseeing, esp-ly with the Tower of


P: Why?

T: You see, this sight has a long history. The ravens are also a part of its history.

There is a legend that if the ravens disappear the British monarchy will fall.

That's why they are carefully guarded.



P: Excuse me. I'm a tourist. Unfortunately I left from my group during excursion,

T: Yes, can I help you?

P: Could you tell me the way to the hotel?

T: Well, you can take a tube or a bus.

P: And what way is the quickest to the hotel?

T: I think, you'd better take the tube.

P: Thank you. How long will it take you to get there?

T: About 15 minutes.

P: Is there a tube station near here?

T: Yes. It's at the corner.

P: Thanks a lot.

T: You're welcome.



P: I'd like to buy some new clothes for summer. Can you advise me anything?

T: We have a lot of very smart new T-shirts; they've just come in. What's your size?

P: Size 44. Does it fit me?

T: It's perfect. It suits you very well. And the material wears well, too.

P: Yes, it's a nice T-shirt. How much does it cost?


P: I think I'll take this one.

T: Very well. Here you are.

P: Many thanks. Good-bye!

T: You're welcome!



P: I wonder if you could possibly give me some advice.

T: Sure. What's your problem?

P: I am going to make a report about Canada. Will you help me with the topics of my report?

T: Well I'll be glad to.

P: That's so kind of you. Could you tell me how to prepare?

T: I think you could prepare a presentation with slides and a video.

P: Great idea! I'll make a presentation 'Canada - the Land of Adventure'. Shall I start with the

geographical position?

T: Yes. You can show a map of Canada and describe it.

P: Then I'll prepare a short fact file including the most fascinating features.

T: Next you should tell about the expedition of Alexander Mackenzie. Besides I'll give you a

video about various adventures and sports.

P: Thank you. How long will it take to deliver my presentation?

T: I think you will need 15 minutes. Is that enough?

P: There's no need to worry. Thanks a lot for your help.



T: Can you meet at the airport?

P: With pleasure. When will you come?

T: I suppose I'll arrive next Monday at 11.15am.

P: Great! What flight will you arrive?

T: It'll be flight SU-096 from London to Samara (Kurumoch).

P: It's a very good flight. Where would you like to go in Samara?

T: Oh, I'd like to walk along Naberezhnaya Street.

P: Ok. And what would you like to see here?

T: I know, there are many beautiful old churches in Samara. I want to see them very much.

P: It's true. I'll show them. I'll promise. See you next Monday.



P: I have an idea. Let's start going to the sport section.

T: Yes, I don't mind.

P: What sport would you like going in for?                                                              -,

T: Swimming. And you?

P: I like swimming, too. But why do you prefer this kind of sport?

T: I think it helps me to feel great. It's very refreshing.

P: You're right! To my mind it's a recreational sport and swimming keeps you fit.

T: I completely agree with you. When shall we go there?

P: I suggest that we'll go there on Mondays and on Fridays.

T: OK. That's a good time.



P: I'd like to take the English courses. What do you think about it?

T: In my opinion, it's unnecessary, because it will take you many efforts and much time.

P: I don't agree. To my mind I'll need English in my future. It'll help me to communicate with

people all around the world.

T: Oh, great! But you can use the interpreter's help.

P: It's useless. And moreover, I will be able to understand foreign films and songs.

T: May be you're right. And what the best way to learn it?

P: I think the best way to learn is to use a cassette recorder and to practice a lot.

T: Very possible. So, I wish you good luck!

P: It worth learning it. Thanks.



P: Hello! My name is .... I’d like to interview if you don't mind.

T: No. I'll answer your questions with pleasure.

P: That's very nice of you. You're a very popular foreign singer. I like your songs and I watch  the concerts with you very much.

T: I'm very glad, indeed.                                                            :

P: So, when did you begin your singer career?

T: It was long ago when 1 was a child of 10.

P: It's very good. But why did you choose singing not dancing, for example.

T: I was extremely interested in this style since my childhood. And when 1 sing music makes me

think of happy days.

P: I see what you mean. Sure, it's perfect. Moreover, the music has a sentimental, fascinating and

unforgettable power.

T: I feel the same.

P: And, finally have you got any plans in your future, I mean in career?

T: I'll plan to shoot a clip on my song and to record my 4-th single.

P: I believe your plans will come true. I'm very pleased to have a talk with you. Thank you.



P: I'm a school-leaver now. And leaving school is the beginning of my future professional life.

T: You want to say in order to be successful in life you need to graduate from the University.

P: Quite right. But first of all I should enter the University.

T: Why do you think so?

P: You see, the profession is of great importance now. It helps to evaluate you. Above all, it's very necessary when a profession fits the person to make him happy.

T: But what about the marriage?

P: It's a serious thing in life. But now people usually get married after making a career in their thirties.

T: I see your idea of successful life.

P: Do you agree with it?

T: Maybe you're right. They say "Every man is the maker of his own fortune". The time will show.

P: Yes, if we don't think about the future, we won't be successful in life.

T: I wish you good luck.

P: Thanks a lot.




P: You often go to McDonald's. It's not right.

T: Why not? I like its food. Such takeaways as McDonald's suit me very well.

P: May be. But try to avoid paying regular visits to fast-food restaurants because their food is not useful for your health.

T: Have you got any reasons for it?

P: Yes, they serve unhealthy fatty and high cholesterol food.

T: But we eat fat products every day.

P: Probably. There aren't any knives, forks and spoons there and moreover, you eat with your fingers.

T: I have no option but to agree to what you've said. So, what must I do to be healthy?

P: I advise to eat more fruit and vegetables and try to use chocolate, cakes, sweets that give a lot of energy from time to time.

T: Ok. A fine friend you are!




P: I say I couldn't live without my PC at home. I use it all the time.

T: Well. But for what do you need it?

P: It's like a typewriter and an address book for me. And it is also used for checking my spelling.

T: To tell the truth I 'm against the PC. It hurts our health esp-ly our eyes.

P: It's true. As for me, I use it to get information from the Internet.

T: But you can go to the library.

P: Unfortunately, the library can be closed any time. Moreover, there are not all the newest books there.

T: I see. But what about your friends? How do you communicate with them?

P: Oh, it's very simple. We communicate ourselves using on-line due to the fact that we go on

the Internet.

T: Without words. Now I see PC is a good thing in the world.



P: I'd like to have a talk if you don't mind.

T: With pleasure. I listen to you.

P: We're going to make a school party that will be devoted to the town's day.

T: It's a very good idea.

P: And our foreign guests will take part in this party.

T: Fine. It will be great.

P: Could you advise me how to organize it?

T: Willingly. I think you should make the party like a musical almanac.

P: I see, we have slides about our town and the rhymes of our local poets.

T: You can show our guests the school theatre's play at the end of party.

P: Ok. And the last question. When should we organize it?

T: To my mind, the best variant is on the last Saturday of June.

P: Thanks a lot.



P: Hello, K.! How are you?

T: Hi! Fine, thanks. And you?

P: I'm fine, too. I'm going to visit you in October about a week.

T: Oh, great! I'll be very glad to see you.

P: What's the weather like there in October?

T: I think it'll be wet, because it's often rains in autumn.

P: Ok. How does it often change?

T: Not often. In the evening it begins to freeze.

P: Not bad. What clothes should I take with me?

T: I advise you to take the warm clothes with umbrella.

P: Nice to see you again. You look not great.

T: Bad news, I'm afraid.

P: What's happened?

T: You see, I want to work but I can't find a job.

P: Don't loose heart. If you have a good professional background sooner or later you'll get a job in your special food.

T: Really?

P: Sure. First of all you should write an application.

T: Could you tell me how to do it.

P: With pleasure. Include information that shows you're the right kind of person for the job.

T: Ok. That's a good idea!

P: No doubt! If the employer realizes that you're a right person for particular position, he'll give you an appointment.

T: That's very kind of you; thank you very much.

P: Good luck.



P: Now it's time to have a talk about our project.

T: You're quite right. If I've not mistaken it'll be a project about the UK.

P: It's true. Let's think about what we're going to write.

T: I think we should start with the geographical position.

P: Including a short fact about the most fascinating features.

T: It's very important because it'll make a full picture of the country.

P: I agree with you. So, I think I could prepare a presentation with slides and a video.

T: Great idea! Can I help you?

P: Yes. Could you find a video about various parts of Great Britain?

T: Willingly.

P: So, what do you think about a map of Great Britain in our work?

T: Sure. It's very necessary.

P: All right. So let's start working.

T: I believe, we'll do it.




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