Примерные ответы на вопросы:

7. My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital. My mother is a manager. She works in an office.

8. At weekends my parents like to go for a walk, go to the cinema or read books.

9. I learn English at school.

10. I can speak English and Russian.

11. I’m in the 4th form.

12. I study many subjects: English, Russian, Math, Art.

13. My favourite subjects are English and Maths.

14. I’m good at English and Russian.

15. It takes me an hour to do my homework.

16. I usually wake up at 7 o’clock.

17. I get up at 7 0’clock.

18. After getting up I wash my face and clean my teeth.

19. I have breakfast at 7.30 a.m.

20. I have tea and some fruit for breakfast.

21. I go to school at 8 o’clock.

Уметь рассказать о любимом времени года. Выберите нужные слова для рассказа.

My favourite season.

My favourite season is summer/winter/autumn/spring.

I like it very much because it’s so beautiful in summer/winter/autumn/spring.

The sun is (not)  so bright. It’s warm, sunny and fine. / It’s cold, frosty and nice.

I can swim, ride a bike and play games.

We celebrate (празднуем) my birthday/Mother’s day/ New Year/Christmas in  summer/winter/autumn/spring.


My favourite season – мое любимое время года

Summer – лето

Winter – зима

Autumn – осень

Spring – весна

The sun – солнце

Bright – яркое

Warm – теплый

Sunny – солнечный

Frosty – морозный

Christmas - Рождество



There are four seasons in the year. Each of them brings different weather and clothes.

When it is hot people wear T-shirts and shorts, sports shoes, socks and sandals. Women wear light blouses and skirts.

In cold weather people usually put on warm clothes: jeans and trousers, sweaters and jackets, overcoats and caps. In winter they wear fur coats and fur caps, high boots and mittens or gloves.

When you buy clothes, try them on.

Умение отвечать на вопросы по теме о себе:

What do you wear when it is hot?   -   When it is hot I usually wear ………(дальше из текста выбираем)

What do you wear when it is cold?   - When it is cold I usually wear……….( дальше из текста выбираем)

Новые вопросы и ответы.

Вопросы о погоде:

How’s the weather today? / What’s the weather like today?

– It’s fine/cold/hot/terrible/bright/different/nice



Образование множественного числа существительных:

  1. 1. Некоторые существительные, заканчивающиеся на   f/fe изменяют это окончание на  ves

Knife – knives (нож-ножи)

Wife – wives (жена-жены)

Leaf – leaves (лист –листья)

Wolf – wolves (волк – волки)

  1. Некоторые существительные образуют множественное число не по правилам:

Tooth – teeth



Mouse – mice

Deer – deer

Goose – geese

Ox – oxen

Sheep – sheep

Man – men

Child – children

Woman – women